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Our Process

Our window cleaning process can be comprehensive or basic, but it is always of the highest quality. Our traditional technique uses a specially blended wash and wax formula that leaves your windows exceptionally clean and protected from the elements, fingerprints, and dog nose art.

Window Cleaning Systems

We have also invested in state of the art pure water systems. These systems filter out solids and contaminants to less than .005 parts per million, that is purer than most bottled water! This tool is used during exterior cleaning, and enables us to clean not just your glass, but your frames as well. This helps prolong the finish and beauty of your windows.

What is included in our services?

At no additional charge, our crews always provide basic screen cleaning (hand washing available but not included). If we are cleaning your windows on both the inside and outside, we also include brushing out your tracks and wiping down your window sills.

Window Gang now offers glass restoration services including the removal of acid rain spots, hard water spots, sprinkler overspray deposits, and salt spots.