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Who knew you would need to get your solar panels cleaned?

While solar panels are largely maintenance free they, like every other aspect of your home, they require a bit of maintenance. In order to maintain consistent power generation, they need to be cleaned[1]. So how much power can be lost due to the panels being dirty? Often as much as 15%, and in extreme cases over 25%[2]. In fact, the World Renewable Energy Congress (yes, that is a real thing) considers dust to be the largest reason that people are disappointed in the level of generation of their solar arrays. It can often be the difference between having a 100% offset system, and having to pay a power bill[3]! Window Gang Austin can service your panels with the best solar panel cleaning process in the industry.

Solar Panel Cleaning Process

Window Gang Austin has extensive experience with keeping solar panels producing as planned. We use a purified water cleaning system that eliminates the possibility of leaving behind mineral deposits or hard water spots. Our natural boar’s hair brushes are perfect for removing dirt without scratching the panel, and on really dirty panels we use a cleaning agent that is custom blended just for solar panels. You do not want to use regular soap as it can leave residue behind that is almost as bad as the dust.

Why risk falling off your roof, damaging your panels, or leaving behind soap and mineral residue? With prices starting at just $6 a panel, let us do the hard work. We can do it safely and efficiently, we are experienced and insured. Not to mention, our work is guaranteed!