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Roof Washing Process

Window Gang Austin uses a soft-wash roof washing process that extends shingle life and completely eliminates unsightly mold, mildew, and fungus. We offer roof washing for all asphalt shingle, metal, and various tile roofs.

What is the big deal?

Those unattractive, dark stains that reside on your roof are caused by a “blue-green” algae, called Gloeocapsa Magma. This particular strain of algae has some less than wonderful characteristics. It is not only a source of allergies for many people, it actually damages your asphalt shingled roof. While it thrives and grows on most types of roofs in much of the United States, it is particularly damaging to traditional asphalt shingles. A growth of this algae commonly starts on shaded areas of the roof, where the harsh Texas sun is not able to keep the roof dry. As the algae grow, it holds its own moisture which can accelerate the growth process.

The Gloeocapsa spores are carried easily by wind, birds, squirrels, and other critters. It is generally considered unavoidable. If your roof is clean now, look at your neighbor’s roof. If they have a stained roof, then it will not be long and your roof will be stained as well.

The Dangers of a Stained Roof

Ugly roof stains are not the worst problem, unfortunately, it also damages the roof. Algae, mold, and mildew actually grow on the tar paper underneath the asphalt separating the two layers causing the granules to shed. It also retains moisture on the surface of the roof which can cause rot, decay, and worsen leaks.

When should you have your roof cleaned?

You should clean your roof at the first sign of this invasive algae. The process is not complicated, however, it is very important to use the correct chemicals and techniques to ensure your roof is not damaged by the cleaning process. It is essential that an asphalt shingle roof NEVER be pressure washed! This could cause more harm than just leaving the algae. A soft-wash roof washing method that uses environmentally safe chemicals at an extremely low pressure is the only way to safely kill the spores while leaving your roof looking new!

These stains have caused many homeowners across the country to spend thousands of dollars having their roof replaced when they could have restored it to a like new finish at a much lower cost.